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# 1 Bulgarian Victory in WWII medal for the Patriotic War 1944 - 1945

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Instituted: On 9th September 1945
Given to: To all participants in WW II. Bulgaria was German ally in the war, but had no troops fighting on the fronts. King Boris refused Hitler to send soldier against Russia, who gave Bulgaria freedom of the Turkish rule in 1878.After the Soviet army enter Bulgaria on 9 September 1944, they were saluted as second time liberators. The communist party was placed to rule the country and some troops joined the 3rd Ukrainian front and fought together against the Germans in Serbia, Hungary and Austria till the end of the war. That was called "Patriotic War" The medal was also given to allied to Bulgaria armies.
Form: Made of white metal with circle shape with 32 mm of diameter. On the obverse there are two flags, gun with a knife and laurel twig. On the reverse there is a sign "Patriotic war 1944 -1945". The ribbon of the medal is red, with fourangle shape, but after 1946 the ribbon is with the National colors and three-angle shape.
Author: Onik Odabashian
Emission closed: 31 December 1950

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