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# 4 Bulgarian Medal for 10 Years Service in Armed Forces, old coat

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This medal is of the first emission with old communist type national coat on reverse.
Instituted: On 18th July 1959
Given to: generals, officers, sergeants and soldiers for their long and faithful service in the armed forces.
Form: Circle with 31 mm diameter. The first and third classes are made of yellow metal, the second - of white. They differ also by the color of their bands. Obverse is with a face of a soldier, behind him is the map of Bulgaria. On reverse is written "PRB - Armed forces on PRB for 20 years (respectively 15 years or 10 years)".
Classes: Three classes. With the first class of the medal were awarded servicemen who had 20 years in armed forces. The second class was for 15 years service and the third - for 10 years. The ribbon is with five-angle shape, covered with light-blue ribbon with dark-blue and red on the edges. In in the middle the same colors lines are one, two or three, respectively for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd classes.
Emissions: 1st emission with old communist National Coat till 1973y. 2nd emission with new National Coat after 1973y. Author: Raitcho Peev
Emission closed: 1989

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